In a recent update, Google added Material Design interface and new features such as animated emojis, last seen timestamps, filters for video calling, smart location suggestions and more to Hangouts. Besides that, there is one more thing. There are certain words that activate animated emojis in Hangouts. They will appear on the bottom of the screen when tap the share button.

Emojis (emoticon) helps you convey your emotions more expressively without any language barrier and the live emojis or animated emojis makes it even more expressive and give more life to your conversation. Below are the words that activate animated emojis in Hangouts. You can use these expressions in a conversation.



Expressions that Activate Live Emojis in Hangouts

Happy birthday

Besides the above-mentioned Easter eggs, there are few other Easter eggs in Hangouts. They will appear by typing the commands shown below.


Note that some commands are only available in the PC version of Hangouts. Enjoy with the live emojies! Leave your views in the comment section below (via –reddit)

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