Carrier IQ is the latest buzzword in the mobile world, which is a hidden software that some mobile companies and carriers implemented on their phone in order to collect user data such as calls, texts, web activities etc, without user intervention or consent. Though there are controversies on this subject, the nature of Carrier IQ termed it as a rootkit (malware) that should not exist in the first place.

If you have interested, you can read more about Carrier IQ at here


Here I am discussing about a Carrier IQ detector app called Voodoo Carrier IQ detector for Android phone, which is now available on the Android Market to helps you identify whether your phone has Carrier IQ rootkit or not.
Developed by Android ROM developer Supercurio, Voodoo Carrier IQ detector let you quickly find out if your Android device hosts Carrier IQ rootkit or not. Once you have confirmed the existence of Carrier IQ, then you can decide what to do next.

Note that, the app is currently under development, so the result may not be always reliable.

Interested users can download Voodoo Carrier IQ detector free at Android Market.

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