Previously I had posted an article here about Carrier IQ and a way to detect its presence on your Android phone. Here is another simple app from the popular mobile antivirus software developer Lookout to detect Carrier IQ presence on your mobile phone. Lookout Carrier IQ Detector for android helps users quickly determine whether their phone contains this software or not.

If you are not familiar with Carrier IQ, basically, it is a diagnostic software from Carrier IQ Company for mobile phones, which is designed to help mobile network operators and manufactures to improve their service and device.


Carrier IQ comes pre-installed on some mobiles phones and can monitor everything you do online or offline (like spyware, or rootkit operation). In addition, it does not provide a clear opt-out option for users. Therefore, if it is a privacy issue for you, you may want to check your phone for Carrier IQ spyware.

Removal of Carrier IQ: Lookout Carrier IQ Detector cannot remove Carrier IQ software from your device. As it is deeply integrated with handset firmware, users would be required to attain special device privileges in order to remove it. Read more about here. (via)

You can download Lookout Carrier IQ Detector from Android Market here.


  1. As the Carrier IQ controversy continues, mobile carriers and phone manufacturers, along with mobile operating system builders are coming out in droves in a bid to engage in internal disaster management strategies.


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