For whatever reason, at times, you may want to capture photos without anyone notice it. Here is an intelligent way to capture photos using your Android phone and of course, without giving a hint to anyone that you are snapping. I am talking about a little, free app titled Spy Camera OS (Open Source) that works on almost all Android phones and gives you an easy, fast and automatic way of snapping. Read below to know how it is.

There are several apps available on the Play Store to turn your Android smartphone in to spy camera and some of these apps can even be used as a surveillance solution. With Spy Camera OS, you can capture images using your phone’s front or back camera automatically or manually.


Following are some of the best features of this open source app. It has a transparent UI, so no one will notice it, small size (around 100KB), auto shot with delay setting, face detection auto shot, option to blank the screen, and option to hide/show captured folder on Gallery.

How to use Spy Camera OS


After installation (download it from Play Store), run the app and tap on the “Settings’ tab. On the settings menu you can set auto capture delay, choose back or front camera, hide or unhide Spy Camera folder and set image size.


Once configured, return to the main screen. Adjust the preview size by pressing + or – button, then you can press “capture” button to take photos.

The “Black” button lets you bank your phone’s screen so no one will see what is happening on your screen. In this position, just tap on the small dot to capture photos. To automatically capture photos, just tap “Auto” button.


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