Curious to know if anyone has tried to unlock your Android phone in your absence? Your roommates or family members might have attempted to unlock your phone while you are away, but how do you knows who that was. Hidden Eye can helps you. It is a free Android application that helps you to identify who was snooped into your phone in your absence. It can also help you to recover your lost phone.

Hidden Eye works in the following way. If someone trying to unlock your phone with wrong password many times, your device’s front facing camera will take a picture of him or her. This photo is stored on the device, so that you can identify who was the perpetrator.


In addition, there is an option to synchronize it your Dropbox account. All the captured images will be synced with your Dropbox account. So you can see who is the real perpetrator from anywhere on any device.

If your phone has no front facing camera, the application can still help you when someone try to snoop into your phone. You can set the phone to sound your default ringtone if someone is trying to unlock your phone with wrong password.

The application works with almost all android devices and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. [Via]

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