Air Playit, the audio/video streaming app for iOs devices has released its Android version with support for more than 320 different video/audio formats. Android users can now stream audio/video to their device via Wi-Fi / 3G/4G network, access video/music library from anywhere, and enjoy music/video on the go. Besides, it automatically caches all playing music streams to files. So, cached music can be played without using WiFi and 3G/4G bandwidth.

Air Playit server application supports both Windows and Mac computers and easy to set up. It acts as your personal audio/video cloud server & player. Installation is as usual and after finishing the installation, it’ll display an IP address to connect with your Android or iOS device. Use this IP on your device to connect with the server.


Air-Playit for Android

The Android version of Air Playit (currently beta) is not yet available on the Android market, but you can download and test it from the developer’s website. In addition, even though it holds most of the functionality of its iOS version, features like local download of media files isn’t possible.

Key Features of Air Playit:

1. 320+ different video/audio formats are supported for playing on Android, iPhone, and iPad, including MPEG1/2, WMV, ASF, AVI, MOV, RM/RMBV, FLV, MP4, H.264, M4V, WTV and WebM.

2. Stream video/audio wirelessly and remotely. Remote access your media library and stream video/audio from computer to Android iPhone iPad.

3. Directly stream various video/music stored on hard drive to Android, iPhone iPad without using video converter software.

4. Stream video/audio on the fly: Upgraded with CUDA technology, it’ll largely speed up video stream and playing.

5. Support Multi-tasking: Music Background Playback guarantees smooth playing even in case of screen lock.

Air Playit has made a big hit since its release on App Store in Ang. 2011. With the release of Android client, it will definitely make another hit among the huge number of Android users, however required a decent phone for smooth working.

Minimum requirement for Android device: Above 20 MB storage space, Cortex-A8 architecture, device supporting ARMv7 & NEON instruction set, ARM CPU 800MHz or above.

Minimum requirement for iOS device: iOS 4.2.1 and above.

Air Playit is completely free and can be downloaded from the developer’s website at:

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