As you all know, the recently released Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) has a new interface called Unity, which brings a new, cool experience for both desktop and netbook users. One of the handy features in Unity launcher is adding Quicklists to application icons.



What is the benefit of adding Quicklists in Unity?

For instance, by just right clicking on the Firefox icon you can open your browser in Safe Mode or in a new Window or right clicking on the Thunderbird icon, you can compose a new mail and the like.


But, how to add Quicklists in Unity Launcher?

The steps involved in creating custom launcher are easy. The new Unity API allows anyone to create his or her own Quicklists with customer configuration file.

If you have interested, just visit at Askubuntu to get procedure and a list of custom Launchers and Quicklists for Unity.

Note: If you find any problem to your system after adding Quicklists, just delete it and restart Unity.

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