Are you a website or blog owner? Want to know how much traffic your site can handle now? Knowing your site’s performance limit is very crucial, because a slow website leads to loss of customers and revenues.

Here is a free and quick solution to find out the performance limit of your site. The new online tool called Load Impact allows you to see how much traffic your website can handle by generating simulated user traffic to your site.Loadimpact-test

How Load Impact tests your site’s performance limit? This tool, for example, “might simulate that 50 users are trying to load your web pages at the same time”.

“While simulating the traffic from these 50 users, it also records how fast pages are loaded from your server. This lets you know how fast your site is (as experienced by a user) when it is being accessed by 50 users at the same time”.
Get more information and try a free test.



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