Dropbox, the popular cloud storage and sync service has introduced an awesome option for sharing your stuffs with your friends and family. This new instant sharing feature lets you make a link to your files and folders in your Dropbox and then send the link to your friends and family. With the link, they can access and view (but not edit) your photos, videos, presentations and documents on any browser and in full screen, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.
This new instant sharing feature saves you the hassle of having to re-upload or attach your stuffs to an email. Moreover, you can now share even your biggest home videos, presentations and photo collections to anyone, instantly.

To get a link, from Dropbox web interface, just select a file or folder and click on “Get link” option (On mobile, open the file and press the link icon in the bottom left corner). You can then send this link to your friends and colleagues.


They can simply follow this links to view your  photos and instantly watch home videos online in full screen. Even your presentations look great without anyone having to download and open them separately (via)


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