Although, it is just a month after the official launch of Windows Store, reports reveal that the Store now have over 21,000 apps. However, as the app figures growing high, two issues arise among Windows 8 users – the complexity of app choice and differentiate between the qualities of apps. Wait! There is an online portal called “Great Windows Apps” to assist you to discover quality Store apps for your Windows 8 device.

The “Great Windows Apps” portal filters out app garbage (based on certain criteria) and helps you easily dig up quality “Modern UI” apps for your Windows 8 system. It excludes apps that are ugly, pointless and worthless.



The site, currently in beta, categorizes and filters apps hosted on the Windows Store based on several factors such as quality of app, design, level of information provided by the developer and users review.

As you might know, the Windows Store offers an impressive amount of apps made for the “Modern” UI (Metro apps) to download. All these apps are certified by Microsoft and can install on your Windows 8 or above devices.

Try Great Windows Apps portal to find good apps for your great Windows 8 computer (Use Firefox or Internet Explorer to go to Windows store directly).


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