Nokia recently announced official bootloader unlock for Nokia 8. This might be a welcome news for Nokia 8 owners who want customization and development on their phone. Below is the official method to unlock bootloader of Nokia 8. This might be useful for installing TWRP recovery, getting root privilege, installing custom ROMs and more on the phone.

In this tutorial, we show you how to unlock Nokia 8 bootloader officially. This is a two-step process and rather a simple process. All you need to follow this simple steps. First validate your phone for unlock, get device-specific ‘unlock.key’ from Nokia, flash the key via fastboot, and hence unlock Nokia 8 bootloader. Check out our guide below.


Officially unlock Nokia-8 bootloader

Warning: Keep in mind that bootloader is a security feature of the device, so do not proceed unless you have a specific reason for unlocking the bootloader of Nokia 8. This process will void device’s warranty. In addition, the process will factory reset your device, as well as DRM-protected features and content will no longer work.

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– Back up all data you have on the phone
– Ensure more than 50% battery charge on the phone
– A computer with ADB and Fastboot driver set up

How to Unlock Nokia 8 Bootloader Officially

Disclaimer: Before start, do remember that we are not responsible for anything that goes wrong by unlocking Nokia 8 bootloader. It’ll void your device’s warrantee. Follow the guide at your own risk.

# First-step:

1. Download Nokia Bootloader Unlocker app APK file on your Nokia 8 and install it on the phone.

2. Launch the Bootloader Unlocker app, fill the required email information and tap on ‘Submit’.

3. You will see validation code appears on the screen (Note down the code safely)

4. Now, go to Nokia bootloader unlock page [here]. Sign in with your Nokia account (you can also use Facebook or Google account to sign in).

5. On the next page, enter the validation code and email address you used to get the validation code.


6. You will get the ‘unlock-key’ file for your Nokia 8 on your email address.

# Second – step

1. Download the ‘unlock-key’ file you have received on your email and save it where ADB is installed on your computer (usually, it will be at C:\adb)

2. Inside ADB folder, press Shift key, right click and select ‘Open a command window here’ option.

3. Now, switch off Nokia 8. While keep pressing the Volume Down button, connect the phone to your computer via a USB cable.

4. Your Nokia 8 should now boot into ‘Download Mode’.

5. In the command prompt, type the command ‘fastboot devices’ and hit enter key. You should get your device ID.

6. Now, type below commands to unlock your Nokia 8 bootloader:

fastboot flash unlock unlock.key
fastboot oem unlock

7. You should now see the ‘Unlock success!’ message. Now, type the command ‘fastboot reboot’ to reboot your phone to system.

You have now successfully unlocked your Nokia 8 bootloader. You can now flash TWRP custom recovery, install custom ROM, get root via Magisk, install mods for additional features and more.

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