Dropbox places limit on speeds, which in theory means you can transfer files from your account as quickly as possible. Although Dropbox is smart about using bandwidth and it will only use as much as it can without interfering with our normal Internet usage, some users have been experiencing a much lower file download speed as compared to the average value. If you have facing such issue, try below explained simple trick.

You can attain a faster file transfer performance on Dropbox by specifying a maximum download rate, which allocates Dropbox a set proportion of your bandwidth. To try this trick just follow as described below.

Right click the Dropbox icon in your system tray, choose “Preferences” and click the “Bandwidth” tab.


In the “Download rate” section, click “Limit to” and enter a figure between 50 to 75 per cent of your connection speed. For example, if you get 1Mbps, set the rate between 5,00Kbps and 7,50Kbps. Click Ok to save the settings.




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