One thing that is annoying me in the new Chrome (v.22) is its download bar that is appeared at the bottom of the screen when I download a file. Even after completing the download, it hang around there until you click the X button shown at the right corner of the download bar. In previous versions of Chrome there was an experimental feature called ‘New Downloads UI’ that help me disable the download bar, but in the new Chrome 22 this feature has removed.

Of course, download bar helps us during the file download to see the download progress and can cancel the download, but as it occupies a portion of the screen, on small screens it is an annoyance. If you download files more often, clicking the X button frequently to close it can be a real pain.



Auto Hide Annoying Download Bar in Chrome: There are two ways to hide the download bar in Chrome. One is by installing an extension called ‘Always Clear Downloads’ and the second one is by a shortcut key.

Always Clear Downloads extension: This extension works in a very simple way. Every five seconds, the download lists is cleared out which makes Chrome to auto hide the download bar, that is, it disappears automatically once the download has finished.

Shortcut key method: If you do not like to install an extension, just click CTRL + J and then CTRL + W to hide the download bar.

Verdict: As “Always Clear Downloads” extension removes your download history, from the point of privacy it is useful. However, the shortcut key method will help you retain your download history, but no auto-hide feature.

Always Clear Downloads can be download from Chrome Web Store.


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