Recently, I have switched to Windows 8. Most devices and apps I had on Windows7 works well in Windows8, but I am unable to connect my Micromax MMX353G USB dongle to Windows 8. I can install its modem software in Windows 8, but the device software will not detect the USB dongle and displays “No device” even though the USB dongle is plugged in. After a few research, I solved this issue. Here is how it is.




How to Connect Micromax MMX353G USB Modem in Windows 8

First, close the Micromax USB manger from desktop and exit the Micromax MMX353G USB dongle completely from system tray (right click and choose exit). Then, go to C – Program Files – MMX353G USB Manager – Driver.

Locate the file “InstallDriver.exe” and run it. After installing the driver, restart your computer and open “MMX 353G USB Manager” from desktop.

Open Device manager (just start typing device manger from Windows 8 start screen), and expand “Others”. Uninstall all “USB modems” listed that has a question (?) mark.

Expand Port and uninstall 1. Device Application Interface, 2. Device Diagnostic Interface and 3. Device Pipe.

Now Search for hardware changes by right clicking device manger name.

After completing the hardware changes search, exit modem Software (MMX 353G USB Manager) as well as USB dongle from system tray.


Start the MMX 353G USB Manager. The software will detect the modem and now you are ready to connect.


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  1. the same problem is going with me too…i was using my net and suddenly it happens..if u get any answer plz reply me too

  2. I m using window 7 and usining
    micromax 353G mordem for
    conecting internet but from few
    days when i am trying to conect
    it show error.
    Error msg is no ablable
    connection profile add one.
    I also reinstall my micromax
    mordem softwear & click on seting option, then click on connection profile but no window or nothing can be open & same problem continued.

  3. I use modem mmx354 xtra 3G USB . I had problem in connection net. It display no(u) sim card. How to solve the problem please reply

  4. my dongle is getting slowed again n again and each time i disconnect n again reconnect it , it works fine for next 3 to 4 minutes and again the same problem

    kindly help me out if u can


  5. everytime i insert my micromax modem i need to install it otherwise it says no device found.. how to fix this problem. please help me out.

  6. Don’t warry MO. Device problem So simple to solve.
    1. Unstall MMX353G
    2. Unplug
    3. Restart Pc
    4. Install Modem_installation
    5. Install showModem
    6. PC restart
    Enjoy Dost balle balle

  7. just go to your C:\program files\mmx353g\drivers\win 8
    And right click and install all inf files(e.g. cmntnet.inf, cmnumdm.inf)
    And run modem application in win 8 compatiblity mode. then restart your pc.

  8. I have faced a problem in datacard detection, first it is detected after sometime, undetected… Again detected and Undetected again Repeatedly… How can I fix this problem….

  9. Hello ,

    I’m using w8.1 64Bit , mmx353g

    While installing it is showing failed & after opening error ” No Device ”

    Can any one pls suggest me , what would went wrong

  10. How to install micromax353 modem on windows 10 as it is showing no device i tried the same method to install it as it was installed on windows 8 pllllzzzzzzzzz can u suggest any method for this

  11. I have micromax mmx353g modem but when i connect with my windows7 it shows no device please help me to conect

  12. i brought a data card micromax353 modem.but sow NO(U) SIM CARD.plz help me to slove this problem

  13. I m using window 7 and usining micromax 353G mordem for conecting internet but from few days when i am trying to conect it show error.
    Error msg is no ablable connection profile add one.
    I also reinstal my micromax mordem seting but not resolve proble.
    Same error is geting plz help.
    My mordem is working in other computer.but not in my.

  14. i was unable to connect to internet when i am trying to dial failed please try again and even calling is also not done i am using windows8.1 64bit plz plz help me to slove this problem

  15. Hello
    I want to connect my micromax mmx353g dongle to micromax funbook p280
    But everytime when i plug dongle to funbook it says “removed usb storage”

    I dont know how to use it
    Any extra software or driver is needed or not
    Kindly help me ASAP….:-)
    Plz plz plz……

  16. hey, i have tried every thing, but my modem is not working.
    actually i can not find the file named “installdrivers.exe”.
    what should i do???
    plz help me……..

  17. Hi,i want to connect my micromax 353g model to aakash ubslate 7ci tablet.i need ur help pls urgent

  18. An easier way is to install the modem then go to networks and dial up the connection say BSNL. You will be connected. Or you can just buy a dongle that supports windows 8.

  19. Usb dongle not installing on my desktop.when try to install computer desktop operating system is window xp sp2.please help how to solve the mm353 3g usb modem.

  20. I bought Micromax 353G data card. and I am trying to use Aircel 3G SIM to my laptop. when I open Micromax applicaiton – it shows ‘No Device’ my laptop having Windows 7. anybody please help me.

  21. i am using Windows7, in MMX353G folder.. inside driver folder,installDriver.exe file is not available… Now what to do??

  22. Yes it worked, Thankyou. It isn’t showing no device now. But it could not connect to internet. It displays dial failed. I am using airtel prepaid sim. please give a solution soon.

  23. the trick is not working..
    please help me by giving some another trick
    I m running windows 8 pro 32bit

  24. Thanks bro, it really worked for me. I am using Windows 8 Pro 32-bit version. But I didn’t need to restart the PC, the device was detected automatically after installing the drivers. 🙂

  25. really THANK you……………I m furious bt wid the help of this info. i got everything……………DHANYVAAD

  26. I have also tried by uninstalling all “USB modems” listed that has a question (?) mark but it get appeared again when i “Search for hardware changes” in windows 8. Any suggestions please?

  27. Download the latest driver software for your MMX35 3G (I think now it is version 5.7)and install it. Read the instructions given in the post twice before applying anything.

    For further assistance, give details about your installation errors.

  28. i couldn’t instal my mmx353G 3G dongle in windows 8.the above solution does not solve my problem……can u plz suggest me the another way to solve…..

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