Lenovo A390 is an entry-level smartphones that comes with extensive feature sets offering a great experience at a low price. If you own this device and looking for installing custom recovery (CWM) on it here is how it is. By installing custom recovery on Lenovo A390, you will be able to install custom ROMs, apps and apply various tweaks to make it your own.

For installing custom recovery, your Lenovo A390 must be rooted. If you haven’t rooted it yet, just follow the below instruction.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. We can’t take responsibility for anything that goes wrong. This guide is intended for technically talented users only

Warning: Make sure to back up your data (contacts, sms, apps, etc.) using apps like Titanium backup before proceeding

Root Lenovo A390

1. Download the latest version of Framaroot on to your phone and install it just like any other apk file

2. Run the app and from the dropdown menu list select “Install SuperSU”.


3. To start the root exploits, in the rooting menu select BOROMIR and proceed. Once the process is finished, reboot your device. That’s it.

Install custom recovery (CWM) on Lenovo A390

1. Download CWM recovery.img from here and put it to the root of your SD Card

2. Go to Play Store and install the MTK (Mobileuncle MTK Tools) tool, and launch it.

3. From the menu, select “Recovery Update”

4. The tool will search your SD card for “recovery.img” file. Once it find, select the recovery under “Recovery file in SDCard” and Click “OK”

5. It will ask you to reboot into recovery. Click Ok to boot your phone in CWM recovery. [Source]


  1. Guys, when I reboot into recovery mode, an android figure lying down with its belly opened and showing a red warning symbol above shows and nothing happens afterwards. Pls. help!!!!

  2. Hi:

    I follow all the instruction and reboot, but when rebooting the dead android lied down with red symbol appears and nothing seems to be installed


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