Call recording is a feature of Android OS, and it is available on most phones with the Google phone app. But you can not record calls secretly. All callers will notify ahead of time that their phone call is recording. If you want to record phone calls secretly or without informing the user, here is how to disable the call record warning on any Android phone with Truecaller app.

The latest version of the Truecaller app brings call recording on any phone. Previously, it was only available for premium users and on older Android versions. And you can record calls anonymously with it. If phone call recording is legal in your country, you can enable the call record function on your phone with Truecaller.


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How to Record Calls on Android Secretly?

1. Install the Trurealler app on your phone from the Play Store (link).

2, Now, open your phone settings, go to Accessibility, enable Truecaller recordings and give required permissions.

enable anonymous call recording on android

3. Next, open Truecaller, tap on the hamburger menu, select the Call recordings option and enable the toggle.

get call recording on android with truecaller app

4. On the next page, tap on the Set as dialer button. If you do not want to make Truecaller your default dialer, tap on the Skip option.

5. Now, you can start recording the calls. If Truecaller is not your dialer app, you will see a popup record button when you receive/make calls.

record calls on android secretly

6. If Truecaller is your dialer, you will see the record button on the full-screen caller ID.

7. Tap on the record/stop button to start/stop the recording.

How to listen to your recording?

To listen to your call recordings, follow the steps given below.

1. Open Truecaller and click on the hamburger menu button.

2. From the menu, click on Call Recordings.

3. On the next page, you will see all your recordings.

listen to call recording

4. Now, tap the play button next to your recording to listen to it.

5. To share or delete a recording, tap on the three vertical dots menu and choose the desired option.

IMPORTANT: Note that many jurisdictions require the consent of all parties to record a conversation. You are responsible for complying with applicable law. Note that call-recording is a region-locked feature, so it may not be available in your region.

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