WhatsApp is an incredibly successful and highly rated messaging app that makes it quicker and easier to send text, photos, video or audio messages to your contacts or groups of contacts for free via Wi-Fi or mobile data regardless of their platform and location. Ok that, the topic here is how to hide your ‘Last seen” timestamp in WhatsApp.

There are two types of “status” (timestamp) in WhatsApp: ‘Online’ and ‘Last Seen’. Based on these two timestamps, your contacts can know your presence and activity on the app.


For some reasons you might want to hide the ‘Last Seen’ timestamp in WhatsApp. That is at which time you went offline in WhatsApp. Just follow below guide.

Instruction (Android):

1. Update your WhatsApp to latest version and launch it. Tap the menu button (at top-right-hand corner) and choose ‘Settings’ option.

2. Under Settings list, tap on ‘Account’ option and on the next screen choose ‘Privacy’ option.


3. Under ‘Privacy’ settings, you will ‘Last Seen’ option. Just tap on this option and change it to ‘Nobody’. You are done!

You have now successfully hid your “Last Seen” timestamp from your other contacts in WhatsApp.

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