Parallel Apps is one of the best parts of OnePlus’s OxygenOS. This feature allows users to install the second instance of an app with different account credentials. It’s similar to Xiaomi’s Second Space, which lets you use multiple versions of apps. For example, you can use two Facebook app, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram, on your OnePlus phone. Here’re two methods to add unsupported apps to OnePlus Parallel Apps feature.

A limitation of OxygenOS’s Parallel Apps is that it doesn’t support all apps. You can’t clone all apps to use with different account credentials on your OnePlus phone. Supported apps include Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., but there is a simple workaround to install the second instance of any app on OnePlus phone.


How Does OxygenOS’s Parallel Apps Works?

Let us know how OxygenOS install multiple instances of apps without account switching on OnePlus phone. Parallel Apps creates a new user profile with the ID “999” on the phone. When you add an app to this new user profile, OxygenOS integrates it onto the main user profile. So you can use the app without the Google Play Services error.

Since this hidden user profile has Google Play Services integration, you can install any app via a little hack. In other words, since this new user profile has no Google Play Store app, you can’t install apps via Play Store, but you can sideload the APK of apps for Parallel Apps.

How to add any App to OnePlus’s Parallel Apps

You can use the Aurora Store app, which is an open-source unofficial client of the Google Play Store to install apps for OnePlus Parallel Apps. Alternatively, you can also sideload any app APK manually without using the Aurora Store app.

How to Install the Second Instance of Apps on OnePlus Phone

  1. Download the Aurora Store APK from XDA Thread (link).
  2. Set up ADB shell access on your computer (guide)
  3. Run the following ADB command: adb install --user 999 aurora_store_apk_name.apk

[Replace aurora_store_apk_name with the original file name]

Now you can install any app from the Aurora Store. If you don’t like the Aurora Store app, you can download APK file of any app from source like APK Mirror and sideload it using the above command.

Alternate Method Using the OnePlus PA Extender Module

If your OnePlus phone is rooted with Magisk, then the OnePlus PA Extender Module lets you add any app to Parallel Apps. All you need to install the module and select the app(s) you want to add to the list. Note that since the original Xposed framework doesn’t support latest version of Android, you need to install EdXposed to get this module working.

  • First install the Riru – Core and Riru – EdXposed via Magisk Manager Download menu.
  • Now, install OnePlus PA Extender module. Open EdXposed app, then go to Download and search for the module.
  • After installation, tap the Activate and Reboot option.
  • After the reboot, open OnePlus PA Extender app and open it.
  • Select apps that you want to clone and then activate your apps (Phone Settings > Utilities > Parallel Apps).

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