Samsung Galaxy S5 is a faster and responsive phone, but one complaint among users about Galaxy S5 is long boot time. In this tutorial, we will show you how to shorten the boot time on Galaxy S5 by making a small change in a system file. Because you want to make changes in the system file, there is no need to say about the requirement of root access on your Galaxy S5.

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is certainly a best device. It is fast, responsive and offers several outstanding features to enhance the user experience. However, the hefty boot animation on Galaxy S5 increases the boot time. You can make the boot animation faster by making a small change in the build.prop file. It will shorten the boot time.

Before you get start, keep in mind that does not edit build.prop file unless you are an advanced Android user. If anything went wrong, you will end with a non-booting and unusable device. So make extreme care while making changes in the build.prop file.

Warning: Make a backup of build.prop file before editing it. To do so, you can find a suitable app in the Play Store.

How to Shorten Samsung Galaxy S5 Boot Time

1. First, your Galaxy S5 must be rooted. Read this tutorial. Also, install a file manager with root permissions, such as ES File Explorer.

2. Open ES File manager app and go to and go to /system.

3. You will find a file called build.prop. Long press the build.prop file and select ‘open in text editor’.

4. Now, add the code below.


Once you have done, save the file and reboot your phone. See how fast is your phone.

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