Ultra Power Saving Mode on Samsung Galaxy phones allows only a limited number of apps like calling, sending SMS and other few core actions to function. Yes, it is necessary for keeping the battery last long, but what if you want to use some other emergency functions in Ultra Power Saving Mode, for instance, torch, camera, etc.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to add more apps to Ultra Power Saving mode on a Samsung Galaxy phone. Ultra Power Saving Mode (UPSM) is a great feature for Samsung Galaxy devices such as Galaxy S5, Note 4, etc. which will extend the battery life few more hours by making the screen greyscale and switching off all the non-essential services on your phone.



For this tutorial, we are using an app called UPSM Manager (a.k.a. Ultra Power Saving Mode Manager) that will let you more apps to Ultra Power Saving Mode. You can add apps such as Torch, Camera, Gallery, Chrome, Hangout, etc. to Ultra Power Saving Mode; however, your device must be rooted.

How to Add More Apps to Ultra Power Saving Mode on a  Galaxy Phone

1. Download the app from Play Store [a full working free version can be downloaded from this XDA thread] and install it. Required rooted device. It supports Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S5 Active, Galaxy S5 mini and Galaxy Tab S.

2. Open the app and from the main screen check the boxes next to any apps that you would like to use in Ultra Power Saving Mode, then tap ‘Save’ button. Do not forget to grant Super User permission.


3. Now, reboot your phone and then open UPS Mode. To open UPS mode, swipe down the notification bar with two fingers and then tap “U. Power Saving” option.

4. In UPS Mode, tap the “+” symbol to add the app that you would like to use in UPS mode. That’s it!

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  1. This does not work in all phones.
    in my application doesn’t appear on the UPS mode screen and dessapear from the general list

  2. I downloaded the app, followed your instructions and still can’t get it to work on my Galaxy 6.


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