Daydream is a platform for high-quality mobile VR for Android smartphones that lets you discover a whole new reality. However, Daydream requires phones to meet a certain minimum specification. For now, only Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Moto Z and Moto Z Force are compatible with Daydream. However, a workaround makes Nexus 5X (possibly other devices too) Daydream Ready.

In this guide, we let you know how to make Nexus 5X Daydream ready. This workaround possibly will work on other phones too, but should be running on Android Nougat. To make Nexus 5X Daydream ready, root access, Google VR Services, Android 7.0 and the Daydream app to be installed on your phone.



Thanks to the Rrddit user CharaNalaar for the workaround, by editing a system file (handheld_core_hardware.xml) you can make your handset Daydream ready. You can run any Daydream app, but of course require a compatible Daydream viewer and controller. Also, due to hardware limitation, there might have some lag.

Note: Since this workaround requires editing the system file, you should take extreme care; otherwise, it will end up with a non-functioning device.

How to Make Nexus 5X and Other Devices Daydream Ready

Disclaimer: Follow the guide at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any damage that occurs. The guide is intended for technically talented users only

1. Install any root- enabled file browser like ES File Explorer on your Nexus 5X.

2. Using the root explorer app, navigate to /system/etc/permissions/handheld_core_hardware.xml

3. Add the following lines into the root permissions tag:

‹feature name="" /›
‹feature name="android.hardware.vr.high_performance" /›

4. Reboot your phone and you should be able to launch Daydream from the app.

Daydream (Virtual reality) is the best way to explore the world without limitations. You can view panoramic videos surround you on all sides and from ground to sky – all will bring a truly borderless experience, but it requires compatible device, software, viewer and controller. (Source – Reddit)

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