Android L has a redesigned dialer with round icons and light blue color scheme. Now you can bring this cool looking dialer to any Android phone running on Jelly Bean or KitKat by just installing exDialer dialer app and Android L theme for it. No root access required.



The developers over at XDA has created an Android L theme for exDialer app. This theme will bring the same look of Android L dialer on your phone – the interface, color scheme, and even the touch sound feels the same.

Installation & Settings:

1. Download exDialer app (it is a trial version) and install it (download link at source).

2. Download Android L dialer theme and install it (download link at source).

3. Open exDialer app and tap menu button (3 small dots). Select ‘Preferences’ and tap ‘Theme’.


4. Select ‘Android L’ from the list and apply it.

Enjoy the new Android L dialer user interface with round icons, light blue color scheme and touch sound.

From the ‘Preferences’ menu you can change appearance (text size, display size, etc.), language, behavior (audible touch-tone, haptic feedback, etc.) and more of the dialer (source & download)

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