Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are updated to new version (NPF26J) with new features, bug fixes, optimizations and security enhancements. ‘Double-tap to check phone’ is one of the new features this update brings to Pixel and Pixel XL. You can find this new gesture under ‘Moves’ menu, from where you can enable or disable the ‘Double-tap to check phone’ feature.

Pixel’s ‘Double tap to check phone’ is not a new feature. This is similar to ‘Double Tap to Wake’ feature, which was first popularized by LG and later by CyanogenMod. Now, several OEM skins have implemented similar feature on their phones. The double tap to wake is an awesome feature that allows you to wake up your phone by just double tapping on the display.



For your information, ‘Double tap to wake’ was a proposed feature for Nexus 6, but Google dropped this feature, may be due to its play up nature. However, Google realized this feature now on Pixel allowing you to check notifications by simply double tapping on the screen.

Check out the below guide to know how to enable/disable ‘Double-tap to check phone’ gesture on Pixel and Pixel XL

How to Enable Double-tap to check phone on Pixel and Pixel XL

1. Update your Pixel/Pixel XL to latest Android version (NPF26J)

2. Go to phone Settings, scroll down and tap on ‘Moves’ menu.

3. Turn on the toggle for ‘Double-tap to check phone’.

Now you are ready to use this feature. You can quickly check notifications by simply double tapping on the screen. No need to take the phone to view your notifications (Source)

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