Bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 on an online retail shop? Did you know if your Galaxy S5 is refurbished or used? Typically, smartphones come in brand new, used or refurbished condition on online retail shops. A refurbished phone means it is used and repaired. Here is how to check it.

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the premium smartphones available at a higher price, so if you bought it from an online retailer, check it for used and refurbished condition. Here is how it is.

First, download and install “Phone Info Samsung” app from Play Store. It provides various information about your phone, such as when the phone was manufactured, how frequently it was used, how many times it has been connected to the charger, firmware version, secret codes, etc. The app supports all latest Galaxy phones

To check if your Galaxy S5 is used or refurbished, tap menu (three dots on top right corner) and select “Refurbishment Check”. Select the option and then the app will tell you if your phone is refurbished or not.


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It also let you know if KNOX warranty has been avoided and how many times you have plugged in your headphones and your charger.

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