In this guide, we show you how to bypass the “To start Android, enter your Password” message on your Xiaomi Mi phone or any Android phone, if you set a pattern lock. Sometimes you will get a message saying “To start Android enter your password” when rebooting your phone. This message appears in certain conditions only. For example, you will get this message after applying a firmware update, rooting, installing an app or unlocking, and then rebooting your phone.

Before start, note that this is not an error message. This message is a security feature of Google’s Android Device Manager. If Android Device Manager detects suspicious activity on your phone, you will ask to input your password to start Android. If you set a Pattern Lock for your device, then read on to know how to get a password for your Pattern.


If you get the message To Start Android, Enter Your Password, you need to input your credentials (Password, PIN, or Pattern lock) to start your phone. Yes, there is no problem if you have set a password or PIN for unlocking your phone. Reentering the PIN or Password will log in to your phone, but did you know how to enter the Pattern Lock?

How to fix ‘To Start Android, Enter Your Password’ Issue on Xiaomi Android phone?

If you have received the message when rebooting your Xiaomi Mi or Redmi phone, here is how to enter the pattern lock to start your phone. Thanks to MIUI forum user FunkSpunk for this simple workaround.


1. The pattern lock is nothing but coordinates to the numbers 1 to 9 in the old T9 dialer format.

2. For example, if this is the Pattern Lock you have set (see screenshot above), then it coordinates to the numbers 1 2 5 7 8 6 3.

3. You need to enter these numbers in the Android security screen to login to your device.

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  1. i got a motoz2 play from a friend and did manage to get past password repeatedly until it offered to wipe cache . i did that but now wants to sync to google that he had set up previously. i want to skip all that and factory reset everything for my own use but i am not a Verizon customer and am waiting for a nano sim to insert into it … is there any way in the mean time to just totally wipe everything? … or even a program from pc that will help me do that?

  2. Do you have any suggestion how to resolve this issue in case, when no PIN/password/pattern or any other protection is set?

  3. DID NOT WORK, Kannan. I’ve done a Factory Reset, a Clear Cache, a combo, that combo plus Safe — you name it. What then?

  4. I have a pattern lock and finger print. This solution is not working for me. Any further suggestions? I am using a Blu

  5. I got this same message when I tried to plug in my infinity stick. But the keyboard is missing to type in password.

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