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Guide to Unlock Bootloader of Asus ROG Phone 2 (Officially)


Asus ROG Phone 2 was launched with some intriguing features such as 120 Hz refresh rate OLED display, aura RGB lighting (illuminated rear ROG logo), Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, 12GB RAM, 6000mAh battery and a new ROG UI theme. Like other Asus devices, you can unlock the bootloader of your gaming phone officially.

Asus officially released bootloader unlock tool for Asus ROG Phone 2 model ZS660KL. To flash custom recovery like TWRP, custom ROMs, get root access with Magisk, etc. require bootloader unlock on the phone. If you are wonder how to use Asus Unlock tool, here is how it is.


Keeping mind that unlocking the bootloader will void your device’s warranty, even though Asus officially allow this. Also, the process will factory reset the phone.


  • Backup all data before proceeding with the unlock process
  • Remove your Google account/password/PIN from your phone
  • Make sure more than 50% battery charge remaining on the phone

IMPORTANT: After unlocking the bootloader, you will not be able to recover your Asus ROG Phone 2 back to original locked conditions. It means you will lose warranty and will not get OTA update.


1. Download the bootloader Unlock Tool APK file for your device from Asus website here/here or directly from here. (Find it under Driver & Tools tab)

2. Install the Unlock tool APK file via a file browser.

3. Run the Unlock Tool from the device and agree to the terms.

NOTE: If it ask to login with your Google account and your password does not work, then you needs to enable temporary access for less secure apps here.

4. Press the button to unlock your device.

5. The device should automatically reboot into bootloader mode and will show ‘unlock successfully…reboot after 5 seconds’ message.

6. The device will then reboot and load system.

You have now successfully unlocked bootloader of your ROG Phone 2. You can install TWRP, get root using Magisk, install custom ROMs and more.