Proximity Sensor issues is not common on Asus Zenfone smaartphone, but some users have the proximity sensor naughtiness on their phone. That is to say, the screen turns blank when you are on call (when the phone is near the ear) but it does not lit up (stays blank) when the phone is away. If you are experiencing this issue on your Zenfone, read on to know how to fix it.

Today’s tutorial helps you resolve proximity sensor issue on your Asus Zenfone series smartphone. There are three reasons for proximity sensor issue on Asus Zenfone as well as all other smartphones. The first one is issue with proximity sensor itself, the second reason will be your screen protector and the third reason may be your flip cover.

Fix Proximity sensor issue on ZenFone

The first reason can be identified and maybe fixed by calibrating the proximity sensor, while the latter two can be fixed by removing them from the phone. First of all, remove screen protector and flip cover (if you have one) and check for the proximity sensor working.

If the above method doesn’t help you, then try by calibrating the proximity sensor on your Zenfone. It will fix the proximity sensor naughtiness on your device, if you’re lucky.

Fix for Proximity Sensors Issues in Asus Zenfone:

1. Open the calculator app on your Zenfone

2. Enter the code .12345+=using the keypad


3. You will enter into SMMI test menu.

4. In the menu, select Proximity Sensor (on some models, first you need to select ‘Single Test’ menu to get the sensor test menu).

5. Tap on Start, and then move your finger over proximity sensor for 3 to 4 times. Try all the three tests (object near, away, near) shown on the screen. It will fix the issue.

Remove Screen protector, Flip-cover and Clean sensor area

Still the proximity sensor issue is not solved, then removes the screen protector and the flip cover (if you have one) from the phone and test again. Also, clean the proximity sensor area on your phone to ensure that nothing blocks the sensor. Most probably, it will fix your issue.

Update Contact app and Change Proximity Sensor settings

If above given method doesn’t help you to resolve the Proximity sensor issue on your ZenFone, then check for any firmware update. Also, update Contact app to the latest version.

As a last resort, there is an option on some ZenFone series smartphone to uncheck the ‘Turn on proximity sensor’ option. Go to Settings > Contact > Settings > Call screen > uncheck the Turn on proximity sensor option.

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