The Parallax effect is a thrilling feature of Apple’s new iOS 7, which gives a fantastic three-dimensional feeling on the home screen. Icons on the home screen float when you move the phone around which gives a 3D feeling and it make some users seasick on dry land.

iOS 7 Parallax Effect

If you are an Android user and tempted by iOS 7’s Parallax 3D effect, you can bring the sane feature to your Android phone as well. Here is how it is.

The iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD brings the tilts, zooms and rolls of iOS 7’s parallax effect to your Android phone, along with an iOS 7- style Lockscreen and Control Center, so you can prank your friend with your own iPhone.

The app features the followings:

– iOS 7 lockscreen with Parallax 3d effect
– iOS 7 Control Center
– Custom Wallpaper support
– Consume less memory and battery

The iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD is a free app and support Android 2.2 and later. Best result can be achieved on HD display screen. The app can be downloaded from Play Store.


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