The High-end processor and GPU, bigger RAM, and high-refresh-rate display bring a great gaming experience on Android smartphones. But on some phones, gamers face black screen issues while playing certain games. For example, users report the black screen issue while playing Call of Duty Mobile on some phones.

Here is a workaround to fix the black screen issue while playing Call of Duty Mobile, such as Battle Royal, Winter War, etc., on an Android phone. If you have tried the tricks like rebooting the device, updating the game app, updating firmware, clearing the game cache, etc., but did not fix the black screen, try this trick.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile black screen issue may be associated with the graphic driver. So, changing the Graphic driver preferences for CODM may solve the problem. Here is how it is.

Steps to Fix Call of Duty Mobile Black Screen Issue

1. Open the Settings app on your device, go to About Phone, and tap on the build version 7 times or until Developer Options enabled.

2. Next, go back to the Settings menu, tap on the System > Advanced (on some phone Additional Settings), and choose Developer Options.

3. In the Developer Options menu, scroll down and tap on the Graphics driver preferences option.

4. Next, choose Call of Duty from the list of apps, and in the graphic selection page, select the System Graphic Driver instead of Default.

5. Now, restart your device. Play your CODM game, and the black screen problems should vanish.

select graphics driver for call of duty mobile

When you choose the System graphics driver for the game, it loads graphics from the custom driver like Vulkan, which installs on the device through the app installation process. Whereas the default option loads graphics from the respective app build with minimum resources.

So, keep in mind that the above method may drain the battery more quickly, and you will feel more heat on your device. Use this method only when in need.

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