It is good practice to use unique, strong passwords on every site you log into on the internet, but it is very tough to remember all those passwords. Also, allowing your browser to save passwords is not particularly safe. Here comes the importance of a good password management app. The popular security vendor F-Secure has released a secure password manger called F-Secure KEY, which you can use on your Windows or Mac PCs, as well as on Android and iOS devices to store your passwords securely.

F-Secure Key stores and encrypts all your passwords, user names and other credentials locally on your computer or mobile devices and accesses them wherever you are through one master password. Also, it lets you automatically logs you into sites you visit.

F-Secure Key can also generate secure passwords and help users who still choose their name or something easy to remember (pronounceable) things for their passwords instead of a strong and complex one.

Also, it provides a news feed that keeps you informed of any major hacking incident on the web.

How to use F-Secure Key? (Windows):

It is very easy to setup. Download and install it. Run the app, click “Create a new account” option and then enter a master password.

Now, click on “Add password” option. On the next window, choose a service (Facebook, WordPress, Amazon, Wi-Fi, etc.), and enter your username and password for the service.


Finally click save the option. Repeat the process for other services. If you upgrade to paid edition you can sync all your passwords data across all your devices.

F-Secure KEY can be downloaded for your PC, Android and iOS devices from here.


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