Android users can use password or Pattern lock to keep their phone safe and locked. However, both methods have some shortcomings, for example, the password method is more secure, but remembering the password is a big problem. On the other hand, the Pattern lock is an easy to use method, but it is easy to hack. All these issues can be solved by using a Windows 8 like picture password.

In Windows 8, users can create a picture password as a visual way of signing in. A picture password is easy to use and more secure from hackers than a traditional password. Instead of remembering password or patterns, you only need to draw a point, line, or a circle on a custom image to unlock your phone. Here is how to get Picture Password on Android phone.



To setup picture password, download and install a free app called Picture Password Lock screen on your Android device. Then open it. The set up wizard lets you easily create a picture password.


First, select which gestures to enable for unlock – point, line, circle or all. Then select a background image from your gallery and draw the gestures.

Now test the gesture. If everything satisfied, tap “start service” to activate picture password. To unlock your device, draw the saved gestures on the lock screen.

To disable, picture password, tap on “Stop Service” option. That’s all.

Note: Devices with on-screen navigation bar such as Galaxy Nexus etc. required to install the app as system app (/system/app). Root is required.

Important: Keep the photo simple and choose shapes that are easy to remember and to draw. A picture password is limited to three gestures, and these must be some combination of circles, straight lines, and points. It’s a good idea to keep it simple.


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