Pokémon Go, the “augmented reality” game, which layers game play onto the physical world, became a number one smartphone game quite quickly. Are you in hunt for Pokémon Go monsters, does it eat up your smartphone’s battery more quickly? Here is how to reduce Pokémon Go’s battery consumption on Android phone.

Niantic’s new free-to-play mobile AR game, Pokémon Go requires GPS, mobile data/Wi-Fi, map and camera access, which means it eats up your battery more quickly while playing it. Though you can tackle this situation by keeping a power bank or battery back cover in hand, there are few things to do in your Android phone to extend your Android phone’s battery life while playing the game. Read on to know what they are.



1. Enable Battery Saving option in Pokémon Go: Pokémon Go has a battery saving option, which is disabled by default. To enable battery saver option, run the game, tap the Pokéball and tap on Settings. In the settings menu, enable the option ‘Battery Saver’.


Note that the above option will not affect your game play. However, it is unclear how does this option saves battery life.

2. Disable vibration, sound effect and music: By disabling these options will save the battery life a little. You can disable these features in game’s settings menu

3. Reduce screen brightness: Screen brightness is one of the main battery-killing item. By reducing the screen brightness, you can extend your battery life little more. You can do this under your phone’s Display settings

4. Turn off the AR when catching Pokémon: The AR (augmented reality) is one of the main attractions of Pokémon Go game, but it will eat up your battery more quickly.

To turn off AR mode, tap the AR button on the top right hand corner of the screen when you near the Pokémon. It will affect the beauty of this game, but you can catch Pokémon and play the game.

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