Call Link is a new feature of WhatsApp that help users to set up calls by creating direct links to audio and video calls. Anyone can join the call via the invite link. And this feature will allow users to add 32 participants to an encrypted video call. Here is how to create and share WhatsApp Call links on Android and iPhone.

WhatsApp Call Link is similar to Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams call links for joining the participants in a meeting. Now WhatsApp lets you create and send a call link to anyone, even if they are not on your contact list. Currently, the feature is in the beta build (v2.22.23.2) but will roll out to the stable build soon.


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How to Create WhatsApp Call Link on Android and iPhone?

1. Launch WhatsApp on your Android phone or iPhone and select the Calls tab.

2. You will see the Create Call Link option above your calling history.

3. Tap on Create Call Link option. It will create a link.

4. Now, tap on Call type option and select Voice or Video.

How to create WhatsApp call link

You have now created a Call Link on WhatsApp, which you can share with people via email, WhatsApp, text messages, Telegram or other means.

How to Share WhatsApp Call Link?

1. Below the Call Link URL, you will see three sharing options – Send link via WhatsApp, Copy link and Share link.

2. Tap the Copy Link button to copy it to your clipboard, which you can then share via email or messenger.

3. There is an option to share the call link via WhatsApp. Select this option to send your call link to your WhatsApp contacts.

4. The third option, Share Link, lets you directly send it to the person you want to have the call with via other platforms like Telegram, SMS, etc.

How to share WhatsApp call link

As said above, you can use your Call Link to invite any people to join your call. Any person with an active WhatsApp account can participate in your WhatsApp call, even if they are not on your contact list. So, only share it with people you trust.

WhatsApp Call Link URL is different and secure. And the Links expire if they have been unused for 90 days.

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