Google’s Duo video calling app is now live in several countries. With it, you can quickly make a video call to anyone in your contact list. In the below guide we show you how to block phone numbers on Google Duo video calling app, if you do not wish to make video call with that numbers. Once blocked, you will not get video calls from that phone numbers anymore.

What makes Google Duo so fascinating is its simplicity of use. Once installed, just activate it by giving your phone number and you are ready to start a video call. You can video call to anyone in your contact list, if he/she has Duo installed on his or her device. It only works with phone numbers saved in your contact list, just like WhatsApp calling.


Of course, spam video calls will not be a big annoyance like the normal phone call. However, you might want to block some phone numbers from making video calls to you. Google Duo lets you block any contact number. It is simple. If you do not know how it is, read on to know.

How to Block Phone Numbers on Google Duo

1. Open Google Duo app and go to the Settings menu (tap 3 vertical dots on top-right corner of the app, and select Settings)

2. In Settings, tap on ‘Blocked numbers’ option

3. Touch the +people icon (in the top-right corner of the screen)



4. From the contact list, select the phone numbers you want to block.

Now, you will not be getting video calls from blocked numbers. If you want to unblock a person, just go to the settings menu, select Blocked numbers and tap the numbers you want to unblock.

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