I have been using Dropbox cloud storage and sync service for sometimes now and the service is extremely good at what it does, but it misses one feature – an automated solution for organizing files, which I think useful to make things much more easier. However, there is a webapp called Sortbox, which helps us organize our stuffs automatically between Dropbox folders. Here is how it is.

Sortbox is a free webapp that will create a new folder inside your Dropbox and any new file you added to that folder will automatically moved and organized to their correct location based on rules you define.


First, go to Sortbox and login with your Dropbox account. Then create rules (Sortbox offers three types of rules) based on file extension name, file type, and pattern.


For example, select “Extension equals” from the dropdown menu, then type file extension name such as jpg, png, doc, mp3, etc in the next column and choose appropriate Dropbox folder under “Move file to” column.

This app will check the contents of your Sortbox folder every 15 minutes and if any file in it that match your rules will move to its correct location.

Sortbox is certainly a useful service, especially if you would like to organize your files automatically on your Dropbox cloud storage.

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