TeamViewer-HD-logoYou’ve probably heard about Tem Viewer, which is an application that can be used to access any computer from anywhere in the world, if the both computers are connected to internet and Team Viewer installed.

Its developer just released an iPad version called Team Viewer HD which provides easy, fast and secure remote access to PCs and Macs from your iPad (iPhone/iPad version also available).

TeamViewer HD has following key features:

– Convenient control via multi-touch gestures: left click, right click, drag & drop, scroll wheel, zoom, change monitor
– Complete keyboard incl. special keys such as Ctrl, Alt, Windows
– Reboot the remote computer
– Automatically decrease the screen resolution of the remote computer
– Trouble-free use behind firewalls and proxy servers
– Highest security standards : 256 Bit AES encryption algorithm.

The free version of TeamViewer has exactly the same features as the Pro version. However, the license of the free version is meant for private use only. Download at iTunes store.


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