Microsoft Outlook is a tool designed to provide time management for users when it comes to email applications. It provides friendly user features that do not require a user to have special skills to understand its concepts. However, this article would help you understand better of the compatibility of the application with Windows 8.



Here are 5 easy and useful tips to use Microsoft Outlook with Windows 8

1. Use the Improved Calendar and Contact Management System– Microsoft Outlook provides users different functions in managing contacts and calendar. There are also available useful add-ons that will help manage time well. Calendars are helpful tools in storing daily important appointment and categorized them if it is public or private accordingly. You must only make sure that Microsoft Outlook suite is also installed in your computer running Windows 8 version.

2. Utilize the Color-Coded Categories – Start using color coded categories and assign different colors for each category. You can do this in the lists of appointments and schedules you made. These colors will help you identify what appointments you may have for the day easily. For example, use red for your meeting, green for your doctor’s appointment and blue for your family gathering schedule. This will also help you determine if you have appointments that fall on the same or different day of the month in the calendar.

3. Take Advantage of the Microsoft Project Add-ons – Those who will use the Microsoft Project can be easily set up synchronization through web based accounts. This is another feature in the tool which is also capable of providing updates. The user will be given a complete freedom to import or update the details of a particular project. Special project related tasks and assignments or duties and responsibilities can be included.

4. You Can Also Use Reminders – This feature is essential when there is a meeting or you have several appointments or a task that require quick attention. To ensure that you will not miss out an important meeting reminders are necessary. You can assign tone when setting up the reminder or maybe a visual alert to remind you that you need to finish a specific task in a certain time of the day. You may also set this in advance depending on how important the schedule is.

5. Utilize the Microsoft Outlook for Appointment Privacy – Microsoft Outlook can benefit both business and personal needs in segregating emails. Since the tool is user friendly you can easily filter your professionals and personal emails. Set up the viewing options and categorize your emails accordingly so that the other user of the Outlook will not have a chance to view any of your information.

Using the new Microsoft Outlook with your Windows 8 can be a little complicated. It would be helpful if you can ask help from computer technical experts to help you with the set up.

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