GmailGmail has lot of special features and options to enhance its usage. I have mentioned many of them in the previous posts. Here is another, but very simple tip for Gmail web mail service, which is about unlocking extra stars and options. It will be useful, if you like using stars to highlight important messages in Gmail.

1. Sign in your Gmail account and click ‘Option’ button, then ‘Mail Settings’ option.
2. Scroll down to the star section. There you can see ‘In Use’ list and ‘Not in Use’ list.

3. Drag the icons you want to use from the ‘Not in use’ list to in ‘In Use’ list. It includes different color stars, question marks, exclamation marks, etc.


4. When you want to highlight a message, keep clicking a star in your Inbox to cycle through the other option.

Hope you will enjoy the tips.


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