Microsoft has recently revamped its Hotmail service in order to fight spam, enhance the security and give Hotmail a clean, clutter free inbox. Two notable features that I think worth mentioning here is ‘Single-use Code’ option and ‘graymail’ control option.

Single-use code is a new security feature, which I think a brilliant idea from Microsoft to help users sign in their Hotmail account securely from public computer or unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspot.


Single-use code is a temporary password that can use only one time (but you can request one whenever you need it) for signing in your account instead of your original password.


To use this new feature, you need to register your mobile number with your Windows Live ID. Whenever you need a single-use code, just click the option ‘Get a single use code to sign in with’ (see screenshot above), and follow the procedure. Microsoft will send you the password as SMS to your mobile.

Graymail control is another great feature that helps users sort out urgent emails from other unimportant messages. Graymails, according to Microsoft are not as important messages, but are not spam mails such as newsletters, social updates and notifications. To deal with graymail, Microsoft has created a new, separate Newsletter category for Hotmail.


There is also a new one click unsubscribe button that you can use to unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters. Just click on ‘unsubscribe’ option, Microsoft will do the rest. In case, if the sender ignored the request, subsequent emails from that sender will be put in the junk folder.

Hotmail Unsubscribe

This feature is quite useful, if you feel inundated by newsletters and offers you once signed up, but now could less use or unimportant.

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