FBLook is an add-on for Outlook which lets you update your Facebook status, your friend’s statuses or lets you see notifications of new friend requests, messages, etc. without having to open your browser.

This could be useful in workplaces or offices where you don’t want your co-workers or your boss to know.

Features of FBLook:

  1. Update your Facebook status directly from Outlook.
  2. Set your status to the name of the song you’re playing in iTunes or WMP.
  3. See your friend statuses.
  4. See notifications of new Friend Requests, Messages, Invites, Pokes, etc.

After installing FBLook, you will have to tell Facebook that you want to allow FBLook to access Facebook on your behalf. It works on Outlook 2003 (SP3), Outlook 2007 (SP2) and Outlook 2010 (Beta).
Download FBLook


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