Samsung S Note for Windows lets you manage your S Note content on your PC. It sync with your Galaxy Note’s S Note app via Samsung account, so you can access all your notes on your PC anytime and anywhere. Also, you can create and edit note on your PC and access them on your Samsung Galaxy phone.



For your information, S Note, the note-taking app that comes pre-installed on Galaxy Note devices is a quick and very convenient way to take notes on the go by typing or just writing using Spen. You can include all your cherished memories in your notes and the support for YouTube and Voice Memo makes it easy to enjoy interactive contents.

The functions offered by the S Note Windows app are the same that the Android version offers.

1. You can divide your notes into different categories for convenience.
2. Input text via keyboard or freehand drawing
3. Features like pen, pencil, brush, etc.
4. Different color choice for notes
5. Sync notes via Samsung account or Evernote
6. Several predefined templates


This Windows app was previously available only for Ativ series notebooks by Samsung, but now the app supports all Windows PCs running Windows 7 and later.

S Note for Windows can be downloaded free from Samsung (140 MB).

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  1. Gave it a try on Surface 3, was very excited to use my favorite app on windows. Unfortunately, it is useless on surface 3. Probably because it requires a lot of computing power which surface 3 obviously doesn’t have . There is no way you can write a single word using your surface pen.. What a shame!

  2. I have windows 7 yeah no desktop icon is found after installing it. but I found it in this path “C:Program Files (x86)SamsungS Note”.

  3. Did anyone find a solution, yet?
    I downloaded S Note for Windows (running Windows 8.1) but I could never even figure out how to open it. I just had an icon on the desktop that would let me reinstall it as often as I wanted.
    I tried the Google Drive route, byt of course GD won’t open the files and prompts me to use a third party app whivh I am trying to avoid.

  4. Same thing here. I’ve setup the Windows version of S Note, logged in to my Samsung account, sync’d…. all notes showed up. But CHANGES made since then are not showing up. Hmmm. Looking closely at this…

    I’m using Note Pro 12.2 w KitKat 4.4 and Windows 7 in VMWare Mac.

    UPDATE: for me, changes made in Android S Note do show up on the Windows S Note, but changes made in Windows S Note do NOT show up in Android after syncing.

  5. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing the tip.

    I tried and installed the program on Windows 7. I logged in my Samsung account from S-Notes on Windows and clicked Synchronize. However, this did not work and my Samsung account Notes (on both Note 10.1 and Galaxy S4) did not show up in S-Notes on Windows. I did a manual synchronization with GDrive and imported the notes and there they are!

    However, when I tried to play the audio attached to the notes, I received an error “This File Format is Not Supported”.

    Too bad that the application doesn’t offer support so that I can submit a bug or feature request!!!

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