It is obvious that most of us look at one display on our smartphone more than any other is the lock screen. Therefore, most smartphone manufacturers have made efforts to improve this area. LG Optimus Lockscreen looks gorgeous with 3D dewdrop and magic hole effect.


LG Optimus’s Lockscreen looks gorgeous with dewdrops, ripple and magical white hole effects. You can implement the same lockscreen to any Android phone running on ICS and later with a free lock screen application called LG Optimus Lockscreen.

This lockscreen app features 3D dewdrop, ripple and white hole effects. It is very attractive, smooth, simple and realistic. However, 3D Dewdrop effect requires root access; it will not be perfect if your device is not rooted.

If you are interested, you can install the lockscreen free from Play Store. Note that, to prevent double lock screen, enable LG Optimus Lockscreen, and choose the system lock screen as “None.”


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