If you are listening to music on your Android phone and you get a text message, email or other notification, Android will normally interrupt your music for the notification. If such notifications are annoying you when playing music, there is a solution for your device, which will stops the interruption by switching your notifications to vibrate mode automatically.

“Don’t Pause” is a simple app that automatically puts your notifications into vibrate mode when you are start playing music. After you finish your music, the app will automatically changes your setting back to the normal ringer mode.


The app is as simple as that – there is nothing to set up or configure, and the app runs continuously once you start it. There is a similar app called “Shush!” for similar use, but you need to configure it manually, “Don’t Pause” requires no configuration.


It can be a great help whenever you playing music on your phone and you have to keep your phone’s ringer off. You can download the app free from Play Store.

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