Because the Android smartphone offers lot of customizations, user can make their phone behave how they want with apps and tweaks. For example, if you want to keep your Android Phone’s ringer off at office, class, work or movie and later want to turn it back on automatically, you can do that very easily with a free app Shush. Here is how to schedule silent mode time on your android phone with Shush.

Shush can be a great help at any place where you have to keep your phone’s ringer off. Just activate the app by silencing your phone using the volume button, choose how long it need to stay silent and forget it. Shush will turn on the ringer afterwards automatically, so you’ll never miss an important call.


You can install Shush from Google Play Store. Once installed it requires no configurations. Just silence your phone using the volume button or shortcut, it will ask how long your phone need to stay silent.

Drag around the circle to choose the time duration, for example 2hurs and then tap on “Shush!” button. It will wake up your Android Phone from silent mode after the scheduled time.


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