Recently Google has announced the release of Metro version of Chrome browser that will run in both the Metro and desktop environments on Windows 8. If you have installed the latest Chrome Dev release on Windows 8, you will notice that the browser is now opening in Metro mode (if you set it as your default browser and run from Metro).
The UI of Metro version of Chrome is similar to the desktop version. It runs in full-screen mode and has no option for minimizing, maximizing and closing the browser as in the desktop version.

Following are features of Chrome in Metro mode:


It supports Metro’s Snap feature – a feature that allows you to run multiple programs side by side on a single screen. Drag the Chrome to the left or right of the screen to display another application.

Unlike Metro Internet Explorer 10, you can install extensions and themes in Metro version of Chrome.

Another change is in the menu system. Now it seems to be little bigger and optimized for touch-input.

In addition, if you install extension or themes in Metro Chrome, it will not be available on the Chrome desktop version. Similarly, if you install extension or themes in desktop Chrome, it won’t be available on Metro.

You can use browser’s synchronization feature to sync data between the desktop and Metro version of Chrome.

This an initial releases of Chrome in Metro mode. Interested users try the Metro version of Chrome by downloading dev channel and install it on Windows 8.

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