Microsoft’s new Bing AI chat feature has received overwhelming responses from users, but the new Bing AI chatbot can only use on the Microsoft Edge browser and Bing search. Google is also prepping to add an equivalent – called Bard, but it is still in development and limited to a select group of beta testers. However, there is a way to add ChatGPT to Google searches.

If you want to add ChatGPT AI to your Google searches on Chrome and Firefox browsers, here is how it is. The ChatGPT for Google extension for Chromium and Firefox browsers brings Bing AI chatbot-like feature to your favorite browser.


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Once you add the feature, when you search Google for something, the ChatGPT AI bot jumps in and provide relevant and detailed results on the right side of your search result.

How to Add ChatGPT to Google Searches on Chrome and Firefox Browsers?

1. First, add the ChatGPT for Google extension to your favorite browser – Chromium (link) and Firefox (link).

2. Next, sign up for a free ChatGPT account if you do not have one.

3. Now, open your browser and start searching on Google for something.

4. The AI bot will show the result on the right side of the browser window.

5. Click the Let’s Chat button and type a question into the Ask me anything box to get more information about your query.

Add ChatGPT AI to Google searches

The chatbot will reply with a helpful answer, and you can keep asking follow-up questions until you get preferable information. And if you want to copy answers, click the Copy Content icon and paste the text anywhere.

Now, if you do not want the ChatGPT for Google to interact with your every search query, you can control it from the settings. Click the Settings cog icon above the chat box and select Question Mark. This option will only trigger the chatbot when you type a query ending in a question mark.

There is also a Mannually option, which you can choose to launch the AI bot by clicking the Ask ChatGPT for this query button.

ChatGPT for Google settings

Note that as of this wring, the knowledge cutoff date of ChatGPT is September 2021, so for more recent information, you will need to rely on Google’s results.

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