Huawei Emotion UI Launcher and Weather Live Wallpaper for Any Android Device

Emotion UI developed by Huawei for its Android device has a fresh look, fast action and makes everything easy to find. It is slightly different from the conventional Android launcher. It has no traditional app drawer; all app shortcuts are being displayed on the device’s homescreen, like in iPhone.


Would you like to bring Huawei’s Emotion UI launcher and its cool weather-themed live wallpaper to your Android device? An XDA member has extracted the launcher, a nice weather-themed live wallpaper, weather app and couple of others for use in other devices.

Huawei Emotion UI launcher features – custom transitions (normal, perspective, windmill, squeeze, box, flip over, rotate, page, and cylinder), icon background shadow effect, up to 9 homescreens, custom widget selection interface (similar to HTC Sense UI), notification counters on icons, folder support and it is extremely fast and smooth operation.

Interested users can download Huawei Emotion UI Launcher, Weather App, weather-themed live wallpaper, etc from this XDA forum thread. No root access required to install these apps.


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