HTML5 Drawing Tool Divvr

HTML5-LogoThe current Web standard HTML4.01 is ten years old. In this time, the internet has changed a lot with rich multimedia and interactivity. So it is definitely time for change and its outcome is the new web standard HTML5.  HTML5 can be considered as an application-oriented web language that comprises numerous new functions to meet the modern web demands. Now you can play video, audio, games, etc without the flash plug-in and all most modern browsers now supports HTML5.
Here is an example for HTML5 application. The free drawing tool Divvr built-on HTML5 lets you create great drawings and you can save them to your PC.


Divvr is available as a web application for Google Chrome or you can directly enter the page at with any browser that supports HTML5 to draw graphics.

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  1. Loop

    Mar 1, 2011 at 5:06 am

    Hi thanks for sharing. It’s looks cool!

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