Joukuu Lite Lets Manage Cloud Based Backup Files Across Various Accounts As one

If you use a web based storage service like Dropbox, or Google Docs to sync and share files, you may like Joukuu Lite. This tool lets you access, edit and manage all your backup files on your desktop – that is, any files you save to your Dropbox, Google Docs or will be able to access and manage through the program’s simple interface as one.


Joukuu Lite currently support Dropbox, Google Docs and (support for other service is coming). To use this tool, after installation, choose your accounts and log into each one. The program will display your saved files and start synchronizing.

You can then manage your files – drag files to any of the folders, drag between folders, edit your documents using a desktop application, delete or download files, etc.

After using Joukuu Lite for a while now, I realized that this tool could really help me to manage my cloud based backup files across multiple accounts together.

Joukuu Lite is a free application for individual users. If you want additional features, such as creating multiple accounts, you will have to Joukuu Plus.

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