Capture high quality screenshots of any window with 7Capture

Want to capture high quality screen shot of a window, or a theme that you have been created? 7 Capture might be a good choice.
It is a freeware screen capturing tool, which handles complicated transparency problems such as rounded corners and aero semi-transparent windows backgrounds.

7Capture will works on Windows 7, Vista and XP and maintain clean rounded corners on XP, alpha transparency in Vista and Windows 7 while taking screenshots.

7 Capture is very simple to use. After Installation, run the program when you want to capture a screen shot. Select the item (or double click the item) from the windows to take a screen shot. Then you can export the capture as semi-transparent PNG, JPEG, GIF or BMP images

Download (1.2Mb, v.1.0) 7 Capture at source

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